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Lulu Square Scarf
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Lulu Square Scarf

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Connect with your feminine side with this pink and red floral square scarf in soft glossy poly silk blend fabric. Pronounced [Loo-loo], this feminine global name means pearl, delicate, and precious. There is 100+ ways to wear this scarf, great for draping on as a top, shawl, sarong and handbag accessory. Let wearing this vibrant red and pink scarf remind you of how soft and gentle you are on the outside, and strong and firm on the inside.

The print is inspired by the Ginkgo plant – the fan-shaped leaves are unique and delicate, and the tree is incredibly strong and can tolerate very harsh conditions.


  • Square, 40”L X 40”W
  • Fabric: Poly Silk blend
  • Soft and lightweight. Good for all seasons.
  • Print: fan-shaped leaves with veins.
  • Colors: Pink, Red, Ivory and Navy blue
  • One-sided, hemmed.
  • Easy care, resists shrinkage and wrinkling
  • Versatile styling - great as a neck scarf, headband/wrap, sarong, handbag accessory, shawl, hijab, halter scarf, and many more.

Recommended Care Instructions

  • Machine wash using delicate cycle and cold water.
  • Ideally, place the garment in a mesh bag to prevent damage from other garments.
  • Hang or allow to dry flat away from sunlight.
  • If needed, iron on low heat to remove any wrinkles or creases.

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