About Us

Pamba+Na (pronounced, per-mber-ner, in english) is a marketplace for creative African-inspired contemporary goods for everyday living. We are on a mission to illuminate and delight the world with Africa’s rich artistry. We look for, and work with, creatives to curate well-made African-inspired goods, and make them accessible to the global market at reasonable prices.

Our journey is inspired by a quest to efficiently bring modern African-inspired designs to the mainstream global market. In doing so, we seek to instill a sense of pride, heritage and joy to those who wear, accessorize and decorate with them.



Our actions are guided by the following beliefs:

You deserve better: Well-made and affordable goods for everyday use within your reach.

Only a limited range of quality African designs make it to the global market. What you are most likely to find are “tourist merchandise” or ordinary goods. Quality can be questionable and the nicely done things can break your wallet. Discover better. 

You are you: Unique styles that embrace your identity.

You have a world full of beautiful choices, but you are intentional. What you choose to dress or decorate your space with, is partly an expression of you. In a world full of choices, we strive to curate what we hope you will find exceptionally gratifying. Choose what defines you. 

One with you, One with us: Curated products with you in mind.

We are each our own, Yes! We also have common threads that transcend culture, geographical boundaries, language, age, size, and so on. We want to look good, feel confident in our skin and empowered, and be proud of our being. You are top in mind when we select brands and products. Embrace your worth. 

This means more: Together we make the world better.

We are conscious of the gifts and privileges bestowed upon us, and the world we live in. We are not waiting to be “grown” or hit a certain number to make an impact. That is why we are to establish the Inuka (means “rise” in Kiswahili) initiative to empower and develop skills of Africa’s for the global market. We are working on several opportunities to work with others to empower Africa’s creatives, and by doing so, we believe we will be rising the tide that lifts all boats. Be part of the change.