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Mabinti Center: Now Selling Here

We are pleased to welcome Mabinti Centre to the PAMBA+NA family.

Mabinti (means "girl" in Swahili) is an award-winning brand making a range of beautiful handmade goods, including pillows, pouches, travel and wash bags.

Based in Tanzania, the center trains women recovering from fistula surgery in screen-printing, sewing, beading and crochet. Every day, at least 8 Tanzanian women develop obstetric fistula - a condition that leaves them incontinent, leaking urine and/or faeces uncontrollably. As a result, they are often excluded from their families and communities. Obstetric fistula is a childbirth injury caused by prolonged,obstructed labour.


Bongo University, an unestablished yet active education system with only one class "Street Smarts" in which you learn from your environment and the mistakes you make. It is the "Hustler's Brand”, birthed to represent the relentless drive to achieve one’s goal regardless of your background or setbacks.

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